Thursday, June 30

My first Award!

Hi  Everyone,

I'm so excited!!!......Last Sunday I got email from  my friend .Michelle from Kissed by Sweets  who awarded me with the The Versatile Award. How cool is that...Thank you Michelle :-)

 Upon receiving the award, I was asked to share seven things about myself, so here goes:
  1. I like eating and making desserts...but from all of it,  my favorite is rum raisin ice cream.
  2. I've always wanted to own a bakery one day
  3. I love next destination is Santorini  #finger crossed ;-)
  4. I am a night baker
  5. I love the sound of waves...
  6. I hate wake up in the morning
  7. Blogging is new thing for me, but i love it especially you all who care enough to visit and read my blog. Thank you dear. takes more than 4 days to complete 7 things about me ...LOL!
    Another part of receiving this award is passing it on to 7 other bloggers that you admire. It's hard to choose, but I find these blogs super stylish and fun :




    1. Aww you are welcome!!! My friend just went to Santorini and got into a Quad accident!! So please don't rent those! The brakes gave out and she started falling down a cliff, so she suffered some broken bones. Thank God nothing more! But before that, she said it was absolutely beautiful!!

    2. Omg... I hope yr friend is getting better now. Thank you for yr information. Happy Friday.


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