Wednesday, November 9

Topsy Turvy Sweet 16th Cake

Always give me a challenge when someone asked me to make their custom cake. Yes ! ... don't give me wrong if they asked me to make a simple cake..I felt I cannot  make their special day..the best day of their life. I know if they asked me to make a custom cake... I have a headache , nervous, mix feeling, can I do that ??? or I just crazy enough to say YES ..I CAN DO IT!!!.

Last month my new sweet customer called me on my lowest day. She said she will celebrate her sweet 16th birthday party and of course she need a custom cake ... something like Topsy Turvy ... which I never make it before, I seen all tutorial from  the internet ... but if you haven't make don't know what to do. With my fully confidence ...I said Of Course I CAN DO IT !!! Welcome to my crazy world.  She add her sweet 16th party theme is Tiffany Gift she wants her custom birthday cake with pearls, blue and silver. This is my version of her sweet 16th birthday cake. 

The 1st layer cake is Dark Chocolate with Bavarian Cream . 2nd layer cake is  Strawberry cake with Strawberry Swiss Meringue Butter cream .

Thank You Tiara... for give me a challenge to make your sweet 16 custom cake. I am  thrilled that you like it.
Happy Sweet 16th Tiara..;)



  1. So beautiful!! You just gave me a new idea for a cake I have to make soon. Thank you!!

  2. Thank you dear!.
    Really? I cannot wait to see your new creation.


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