Wednesday, December 28

Christmas Buttons Ornament

Happy Belated Christmas ...

How was yours? I hope all of you had fabulous Christmas. Full of laughter, friends and good food. 
We had a wonderful Christmas with my family and friends :).

On the other hand I also had been busy baking  Holiday Desserts. So for the first time ... I did not make a big Christmas cake for the family. Instead I have made some holiday cookies and small Christmas cake.

This cake inspiring by A Merry Ornament  which I found it from

This is my version of Christmas Buttons Ornament

I made Traditional British Christmas cake lashing with brandy , covered by fondant. All the buttons made by gum paste. My family loves it.




  1. These ornaments are so beautiful!! Can you please send me one? I would love to have any one of those...

  2. Thank you ;) that so nice of you...
    Hope you'll have a nice holiday and best wishes for 2012

  3. Such a wonderful idea, and a beautiful cake!! I've never seen one quite like this - I love it!


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