Monday, December 5

Red Poinsettia Cupcakes & Push Pops

Twenty days to Christmas ...
OMG Christmas is indeed  just around the corner.
Christmas always my favorite holiday. Our family  tradition on Christmas  is cooking....
Yes cooking.. making home baked  cookies, cakes and dinner for the holiday. 
I know it is  a lot of work, but it's Christmas time to celebrate with family and friends ... 
and eat good food .

For  the past couple years ... after Christmas we sometimes think ...why don't we go somewhere or taking a trip for Christmas next year, more relaxing, no cooking,no chopping, no baking, no washing bunch of dishes etc etc. 

But by the time  Christmas is coming... we will back to our usual thing that  we always do every year. 
We feel that Christmas is not completed if we are not having  homemade holiday meals. 
I know we spent more time in the kitchen when the holiday is coming, but that's what our family traditions and we don't  want to change it. 

When one of our new customer asked me this week to make some Christmas goodies for their office party, I'm so happy. It feels like  I am making Christmas goodies for my own family. Their theme of the party is Red Poinsettia. 
I made wreath with red poinsettia cupcakes, some of cupcakes and push pops (FYI  I am  starting "likes" a new gadget - Push Pops ).

 Red Poinsettia Push Pops

 Red Poinsettia Wreath Cupcakes

 I made red velvet cupcakes & push pops with cream cheese butter cream.

Red Poinsettia Cupcakes

Happy Baking :)


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